The Recipe for Ecstasy Book Series

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What Women Want: Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction

There are no two things more essential to the survival of man than food and sexuality.  The Recipe for Ecstasy – What Women Want: Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction explores these intertwined topics, yielding a cookbook for life and love.   Written with a chocolate flavor, it will appeal primarily to African-American women – those who are shopping for the perfect ingredients to complete their recipes – and the men who want to have the inside scoop about what is on their lists.  Like many ethnic dishes, The Recipe for Ecstasy will satisfy the appetites of women and men from different cultures.

The Recipe for Ecstasy – What Women Want: Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction takes the reader on a journey through their personal pantries, identifying their own ingredients and familiarizing their palettes with the variety of potential ingredients to create a recipe for ecstasy.

Single and married women tell you in their own words about their most sexually satisfying experiences.  These narratives yield recipes for ecstasy. What are the essential ingredients to the recipe for ecstasy? Arousal, newness, intimacy, effective communication, sexual abandon…just to name a few.

The Recipe for Ecstasy by Myrtle C. Means, PhD

The Couples Guide to Intimacy and Pleasure

You can hold it in the palm of your hands — the one necessary tool for you and your partner to create and sustain a shared recipe for ecstasy. No matter the nature of the relationship (straight, gay, somewhere in-between, or something all-together different) The Recipe for Ecstasy: A Couples’ Guide to Intimacy and Pleasure can help you identify your personal desires; develop the ability to effectively communicate your needs; and, at the same time, teach you how to satisfy your partner’s every wish throughout your lifetime together.

Providing practical solutions, this non‐fiction book addresses sexual problems and frustrations. Those who have grown apart can use this workbook to reconnect, learn how to forgive, and move forward to create an experience of closeness and sexual gratification. At the same time, this guide can be used to take a relationship from special to spectacular. For those who are solely interested in spicing things up, The Recipe for Ecstasy is guaranteed to add a little flavor to your relationship in and out of the bedroom. Passionate adventure, day or night!