Key Ingredients to The Recipe for Ecstasy: Intimacy & Pleasure

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In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to give the gift of ecstasy to all of my followers. People often ask me, “What is ecstasy?”  Ecstasy is a peak emotional experience accompanied by intense sexual pleasure. It represents a time and space in an adult love relationship; a place that every couple should aspire [...]

Do You Have a Healthy Sex Life?

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I can just imagine what comes to mind for people when I pose this question. One person might think I am referring to the frequency of sex. Another person might be considering the types of sex acts that they engage in. Others might consider sexual disorders and dysfunctions. While all of the aforementioned are relevant [...]

Taste Tests: The Dating Game

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Dating is like wine tasting. According to Wine for Dummies, wine tastings are events designed to give enthusiasts the opportunity to sample a range of wines. Just like wine tasting, dating can range from simple to sophisticated. It is most satisfying when done enthusiastically – even if there are some samples that don’t match your [...]

A Sexy Singles Mingle with The Recipe for Ecstasy

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Recipe for Ecstasy presents a sexy Singles Mingle event in conjunction with Skip Fridays on August 28, 2015 (6:00pm to 9:00pm) at 350 Terrance on top of the Music Hall (350 Madison).  If you find the ingredients that you like, a singles mingle becomes date night.  Detroit, Michigan July 22, 2014 [...]