The Art of Letting Go

By | 2019-09-05T11:20:07-05:00 September 5th, 2019|

Lately I find myself talking to clients about holding on to things well past the expiration date. People, places, and dreams…but mostly feelings. Some relationships are for a season. We are not meant to stay in the same place forever. This is especially true if growth is occurring. Feelings have their purpose. They provide us [...]

It Could Have Been #metoo

By | 2018-04-24T19:48:58-05:00 April 24th, 2018|

The past year has shed a light on the undercurrent of sexualization, objectification and abuse of women that has existed for centuries.  Yes, centuries!  This dates back as far as the Stone Age with the barbaric rape of women that accompanied war. Instead of being the spoils of war, today women have to endure the [...]

Moving my Whole Life: Hard but Necessary

By | 2017-11-25T13:41:43-05:00 November 20th, 2017|

Have you ever moved your entire life? Home, business, schools, doctors, grocery stores, restaurants, hair stylists, laws, roads, neighbors, traffic…I think you get the picture. It’s a whole new world. The word relocation just doesn’t seem to capture what has transpired in my life this past year. As some of you know, my family has [...]

Sex in the Middle Age

By | 2017-08-14T19:43:32-05:00 May 10th, 2017|

In history the Middle Age is a period characterized by the fall of a great empire, merging of ideologies,  and an age of discovery.  I believe it is a fitting way to capture the experience of living as a middle aged person.  A few years ago my mother in-law told me that I was in the [...]

Stay Married for Your Children

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As of today, I have been married for 13 years.  I actually have two wedding anniversaries. The first is January 22, 2004. I was married to Martin Wesley Muhammad at the Justice of the Peace in a room full of strangers in a mass wedding. It was hilarious. I actually thought we might not be [...]