Dr. Myrtle Means

Dr. Myrtle C. Means was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where she learned many life lessons from the urban streets. She received her formal education at Michigan State University (undergraduate) and University of Detroit Mercy (graduate), where she was granted degrees with honor. Dr. Means is psychoanalytically trained in the art of understanding the unconscious motivations of behaviors. She gathers information and uses it to help bring clarity to confusion.

Dr. Means has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy where she taught on the undergraduate level.  Dr. Means was also an adjunct professor at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology, where she taught human sexuality to graduate students in the clinical psychology program.  She also provided clinical supervision to students and sat on the dissertation committee for students in the same program.

Dr. Means is a part of the faculty for Parkmore Institute. This program offers a genuine online doctoral education to individuals who are already established with expertise in their fields. Please visit www.ParkmoreInstitute.org
for more information about the programs offered.

She is invested in growth and personal fulfillment.  While Dr. Means works hard in her many roles, she is sure to balance her life with pleasure.  Dr. Means enjoys worldwide travel, cooking, personal fitness, dance, and maintaining meaningful relationships.

Dr. Means is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority where she actively promotes sisterhood, scholarship, and service. She works in the community and professional life to promote physical and mental health across the life span.

Dr. Myrtle Means

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