Everyone knows doggy style. Often I hear that it is a favorite sex position amongst couples (mostly the male partner). Doggy style is characterized by rear entry of the penis into the vagina. The woman is often on all fours. However, it can also be accomplished on ones knees alone or with the female on her belly. Whether on all fours, twos, or lying flat on the belly, deep strokes from the rear are usually the objective.The speed of the stroke can be dictated by the mood. It can be slow and sultry or fast and furious, either way it hits the spot. Banging on the cervix can get old real fast. Some women love a bit of pain with their pleasure, while others would choose to pass on this particular ingredient all together.

  Personally, it is not about the pain, it is about the work. I would choose lazy dog over doggy style any day. First of all, it doesn’t require all of the energy. As I approach 50, I am trying to take some of the work out of my pleasure. This isn’t an easy thing to do. Good sex requires time, energy, focus, imagination, and creativity. But it doesn’t have to involve my bad knees. The knees need a break!

The voyeur in me loves to look during love making. Doggy style doesn’t allow the woman to see anything but what is ahead of her (usually a headboard), unless the lovers are using a mirror (which I would highly recommend for the voyeurs out there). The male only gets a rear view. I like options. Lazy dog gives a person options. And it doesn’t require too much work to achieve pleasure exercising these various options.

Lazy Dog is my favorite sexual positions for so many reasons. Let me count the ways.

In the lazy dog position a person can achieve pleasure that only requires the work of paying attention. It is really important for me to engage all of my senses. What is it that I see? Well, “Big Daddy”. If I am on my back, I can see almost all of him (head to toe). His delicious juicy bootie is even within reach.

Note that I said while laying on ones back. The above illustration shows both people on their side. It is important to know that there are several variations to lazy dog which allow for ones unique pleasures to be met.

If you don’t mind expending a little more energy, the top leg can be raised to create a deeper stroke. Her legs may also be used to wrap around his legs to bring him in real close. In this lazy dog meets fire hydrant position lovers can rock and roll their way into pleasure.

Lazy dog rises up when the female partner sits on her elbows. In this variation of the position he can nibble at her ear and whisper something naughty for her to hear. Or he can lean down and press his lips against hers in a passionate embrace. Taste the flavor. Drink in the moment.
Those lips are within reach and so are backs and shoulders.

The lazy dog positions allows both people to feel warmth, as two bodies lay close to one another. Hands are free to roam without being charged. It’s all right there at your fingertips: his body, her body, their bodies.

Make use of all of the senses. Look! A whole body is at your disposal. Listen, touch, taste, and inhale even!

For those of you who are into mindfulness, lazy dog is a great way to get your mind right. In this position it is easy to relax and take in the moment. If you are having trouble getting your head in the right space, listen to the sounds of love making. Listen to her moans and groans. He pounds. Pounds. Her ass cheeks slap against his thighs. Pound. Pound. Breathe. For the times where eye gazing or eye fucking are desired, lazy dog allows two lovers to see more and experience more of each other. With a tilt of her head over the shoulder she speaks without using words. What will she say? Harder. Faster. Right there. Fuck me. Big Daddy!

Make sure a few toys and lube are always within reach. Lazy dog is a handsfree position so everyone can get in on the fun. She can stimulate her clit while he hits her deep within. Or he can wrap his arm arms around

If you are feeling frisky you can go from back, to side, to stomach in one easy roll. Rewind. Back to the lazy dog.