In my experience as a sexologist and psychologist I have been a part of several conversations regarding the use of pornography. I understand that it serves various purposes for different people (both positive and negative). Pornography can be entertaining. Flat out hilarious! Some look at pornography as an art form. Others experience it as an addiction. While many just use it as a form of stimulation to assist with self-pleasuring or partnered sex. I will outline 5 pros and cons of pornography and would love for you to weigh in with your perspective.


  1. Pornography gives a novice a wide range of experiences to choose from when trying to increase personal knowledge about sexuality. There are all sorts of interesting ideas that may emanate from porn. These things include sexual positions, attire, role-play, and the use of accessories (lubrication, toys, handcuffs, etc.).
  2. Pornography may facilitate arousal for individuals and couples who are looking to heat things up. Women and men who struggle with arousal may find this visual stimulation tantalizing.
  3. Pornography may be used for self-pleasuring in the absence of a partner. The absence may be the result if being single, temporary distance, or unavailability due to inconsistent sexual needs. Whatever the cause, porn offers one easy solution.
  4. Sharing pornography with one’s partner may be a form of intimacy. It allows a person to freely express their sexual interests without fear of judgment.
  5. Pornography will never approximate a relationship that has true intimacy and pleasure as consistent ingredients. Therefore, the use of pornography might increase ones appreciation for their real partner (reverse contrast effect).


  1. Consistent use of pornography can become compulsive. Thus laying the foundation for addiction. Men are particularly at risk, given that they are more likely to use it excessively.
  2. Pornography creates a contrast effect. Many individuals begin to compare their partner’s body and sexual performance to that of a porn star. Pornography is not real. While it may provide useful ideas, it is by no means an accurate depiction of realistic sex.
  3. Excessive use of porn may lead to psychological numbing. With increased usage, a tolerance develops and thus creates a need for more intense forms of stimulation. This may interfere with partnered sex.
  4. People often view pornography in secrecy, thus making room for deception and distance in a relationship. This also creates internal shame or guilt.
  5. Viewing pornography is often a solitary activity accompanied by self-pleasuring. Once a person has satisfied their sexual needs, the desire to engage in partnered sex may diminish, thus creating distance and conflict between partners.

Now that you have arguments for both sides, what are your thoughts about the use of pornography? Yeah or nay?

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